Dedicated To My Ex Girlfriend English Literature Essay

It was a hot Wednesday, and it was summer. I was at church with my friends and there she came in the door with a freshness on her organic structure, I felt that there was something drawing me toward her, she came and sat in forepart of me, this feeling increased more and more by the 2nd.

Her hair has a blond to yellow colour and it is so soft that I had to touch it, she turned and looked at me in an amazed manner, and I looked into her eyes they had a green colour and they were broad unfastened, she smiled and turned around, I told myself: “ why did n’t she inquire me why I touched her hair? And she even did n’t state me to halt? So I thought that she wanted me to go on! ! ! ” I retouched her hair she turned and told me: ” delight do n’t halt continue! ! ” I continued. The mass finished, I turned about and did n’t see her there, I got sad. I told my friends adieu and left, I reached the steps, and at that place happened to me that ne’er happened to any adult male or male child in his life, I met HER. She had a perfect organic structure that I could n’t conceive of, she waved and told me “ hi ” and told me to follow her, I replied and got amazed so I followed her. She took me to a topographic point and told me to embrace her and state her what I feel about her, I told her that she is a alone miss and that I fell in love with her, she amazed me a told me that she feels the same. After a hebdomad of seeing her every twenty-four hours I asked out, she accepted and here starts my narrative.

I took her to watch a film in the theatres, after that we went and had dinner with my friends in Batroun and we had a little dance, at the terminal she wanted to state me thanks but she did n’t cognize how, so when we were in the cab she pulled up the black shadiness between us and the driver, and she started with a little buss and carried on untilaˆ¦ . We reached her place and she went out of the cab my bosom merely followed her out she told me to go forth but I did n’t desire to, I merely needed to remain with her all dark, she invited me to kip at her house, I called my parents and for my fortune they were n’t place, so I followed her and for my other luck she does n’t hold a brother so I had to kip in my drawerss next to her because she has no excess beds. I slept like I ne’er slept before because I felt that my life was completed with her. In the forenoon she woke up and prepared for me a cup of Nescafe and woke me up, I gave her a buss and I felt that I was the lone male child in Eden and she was the lone miss at that place to. She told me that she wanted to state me her ends so I told her that I ‘m here all twenty-four hours because my parents are n’t place, so she started speaking and I went to woolgather that was her end, so I told her that I will assist her to make it and it was she wanted to go a celebrated bank director, so I sat on the laptop researched a spot and started assisting her, we finished at about 12:00 autopsy, she told me that she wanted to eat and shop for some fabrics so I told her ok. We finished shopping so we stopped to eat ; we ate and enjoyed the topographic point. I received a phone call from my aunt in Dubai stating me that she merely won two tickets from Lebanon to Dubai, but since she lives there she direct them to me and told me that they come with a hotel reservavsion, so I took my girlfriend and went at that place, and a large choking coil surprised me that her parents live at that place! ! !

After approximately three month with her summer was about over, and before she left to her parents in Dubai, I heard her speaking to a friend on the phone stating her that she won the stake that was to day of the month me in one twenty-four hours. I called her and told her: “ I do n’t desire to do u sad before u leave Lebanon but you truly pissed me, because our love was non true ” I kissed her adieu and left, she tried naming me but I did n’t reply. After a hebdomad, the friend that she talked to name me and told me that she truly loved u and it was another stake that was between me and her that was on dating a male child in the shortest clip of all time, I called her and told her that I was regretful and I love her, about an hr subsequently her brother called me and told me that she passed off. I got really huffy that I about killed myself leaping in forepart a truck, but if my friend was n’t following to me I would truly decease.

After my past experience I learned that to ne’er judge a miss from her external visual aspects but to cognize her interior visual aspect besides, therefore my decision is to all the male childs and work forces out at that place, watch out on the beautiful misss.

Dedicated to my antique girlfriend “ “

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